XX. Ball Tango Argentino
30st sep 2017
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orchestras, DJ´s, performer & teacher
Orquesta típica "SILBANDO XL" (FRA)
Sebastián Rossi (ARG) Gesang

Javier di Ciriaco (ARG) Gesang (Extragast)

Lucila Segura & Lautaro Cancela (ARG)
Daniela Kizyma & Pablo Velez (ARG)
Alexandra Baldaque & Fernando Jorge (POR)

Jens-Ingo Brodesser (BEL) Dj clásica
Isabella & Iwan "e-longa" (DEU) Vj & Dj "Tango Flavour Lounge"

Chloë Pfeiffer Piano, arr. & direction
Sebastián Rossi Voice
Mathias Naon Violin
Aurélie Gallois Violin
Anne Le Pape Violin
Romain de Mesmay Viola
Lysandre Donoso Bandoneon
Carmela Delgado Bandoneon
Maxime Point Bandoneon
Lucas Eubel-Frontini Bass
Orquesta típica

... young, exciting and technically brilliant.

The wonderful artists of the orchestra SILBANDO will bring us the full sound of the great old orchestras of the golden Tango time - this means: pure dance music!

For us the musicians travel in their XL - cast as a classic "grán orquesta típica" with 3 bandoneons and 5 strings.

The voice of the srgentinian singer Sebastián Rossi sneaks one into the soul.


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Javier Di Ciriaco (guest of honor)

The Argentine singer is known for being the founder and lead singer of , with which he has been touring Europe for the last ten years. On sunday night, right after the ball, Javier Di Ciriaco will be presenting the opening night of his solo programme together with the pianist Burkhard Heßler, born and living in Wuppertal.

Tango Íntimo
... more here
Note the reduced entrance for the sunday concert for all guests of the saturday ballnight.

We thank the management of Javier Di Ciriaco for the kind support:

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DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser (clásica)

classic Tango DJ with years of international milonga experience. He knows to combine musical knowledge with emotions. Jens-Ingo creates the most beautyful dancing moments

See more on Jens-Ingo´s informative website:

Dj & Vj Isabella & Iwan "e-longa"

Isabella & Iwan bring their fantastic e-longa-concept to Wuppertal. Electro-, neo- & experimental Music connected to Tango, dedicated to our legs and hearts.

As producer and composer for film music, Iwan Harlan is also producing contemporary Tango music.

At the "Tango Flavour lounge", the second dancefloor in a second room.


Lucila Segura & Lautaro Cancela

... downright dancers.

their style is classic, energetic and creative. Despite all dramatic show highlights their intimate connection lights anytime.

Their very special love is teaching. In their workshops, Lucila & Lautaro will bring us closer to a natural, personal moving. A beautiful movement always feels good. Technical basics are equally represented as material from their long stage show experience.

Workshop language: English (alternative: span)

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photo: Fuentes Fernandez
Daniela Kizyma & Pablo Velez

... they caress themselves in their shows with a passion for dance and each other. Our eyes and tango souls will be pampered. Their lissomeness and their elegance is natural.

The special quality of their dance lies in the precision of their movements. This is also their concern at the workshops. The workshops are well constructed, so even the most difficult step combinations and perfect footwork will be shown. As experienced teachers, Daniela & Pablo give their material straightforward.

Workshop language: English (alternative: span)

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Daniela & Pablo at facebook

... Video

Foto: Paco Sanz
Alexandra Baldaque & Fernando Jorge

European Tango Salon Champions 2011

Alexandra & Fernando are a super simpatic couple - casual and witty. They originate from Portugal, where they run their own school and organize the "Festival Internacional de Tango do Porto".

Authenticity in Tango, that's their topic: From the simpleness of the movement origins a soulfully danced Tango. Calm beauty, which emanates amidst the couple, makes their Tango so distinctive.


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