XXIII. Ball Tango Argentino
24th sep 2022 - Festival Wuppertal
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Orchestras, DJ´s, showdancers & teachers
Orquesta Social del Tango (ESP)
+ guest of honour (ARG) surprise

Marianna Koutantou & Vaggelis Hatzopoulos (GRE)
Mirella & Carlos Santos David (NDL/BRA)
Paula Duarte & Michael "El Gato" Nadtochi (POR/RUS)

Anthony Cronin (IRL) Dj clásica
Isabella & Iwan "e-longa" (DEU) Vj & Dj "Tango Flavour Lounge"

Hernán Hock Bandoneon & Leitung
Fernando Giardini Bandoneon
Mauricio Vuoto Piano
David Merlín Violine
Veronica Barbed Violine
Nicolas Quintela Kontrabaß
Orquesta Social del Tango (ESP)

"In short, this Orchestra will leave you wanting to continue dancing all night, as we will experience a beautiful communion between musicians and dancers."

Orquesta Social del Tango

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photo: www.silkeandchrisphotography.de
Dj Anthony Cronin (clásica)

"The greatest joy after dancing tango is sharing one's love of the music by DJ-ing. I love to bring dancers a night full of happy and wonderful music".

Anthony is epierienced DJ on milongas, festivals and marathons worldwide.


photo: Isabella & Iwan
Dj & Vj Isabella & Iwan "e-longa"

Isabella & Iwan bring their fantastic e-longa-concept to Wuppertal. Electro-, neo- & experimental Music connected to Tango, dedicated to our legs and hearts.

As producer and composer for film music, Iwan Harlan is also producing contemporary Tango music.

At the "Tango Flavour lounge", the second dancefloor in a second room.



Foto: Paula Duarte

Foto: Michael Nadtochi
Paula Duarte &
Michael "El Gato" Nadtochi

Classic elegance - flowing, smooth movement - simply wonderful!

The workshops are clear and detailed, teaching them warm and sympathetic. Michael "El Gato" (the cat) has his own school in New York (USA).

Paula & Michael say:
Today there is a great variety of styles and ideas floating around the globe contributing to the overall expansion of Tango. To us this is more than a dance…It is most certainly a very personal art form. Our mission lies in helping our students to clarify main concepts of this dance so that they can make the most intelligent choices in search of their own personal way and develop their artistry!

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Foto: Marianna & Vaggelis
Marianna Koutantou &
Vaggelis Hatzopoulos

They are highly musical and lightning fast. We are looking forward to her interpretation of the tango on the ball night.

Marianna & Vaggelis are very experienced in the workshop work - they teach at your school in Athens.

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photo: Mirella & Carlos

Mirella & Carlos Santos David

Since 2011 they dance as a couple professionally. Movements cut to the toe: fast and precise or lascivious-slow. Classic elegance - pure and beautiful.

International titels:
- Finalists 'Tango de Pista': Mundial de Tango
- 2016, 2017 & 2018 in Buenos Aires
- 1st place ‘Tango Stage’: UK Tango Championship 2018
- Dancers for Andrea Bocelli in Concert in Belgium 2018
- 1st place 'Tango de Pista': Official Eurpean Tango
- Championship 2017
- 1st place 'Tango de Pista': UK Tango Championship 2017
- 1st Place ‘Tango de Pista’: German Tango Championship
- 2016 in Münster
- Jury for: Tango Championship Moscow, Russia 2016
- 2nd Place: TV show ‘Everybody Dance Now’ RTL 4 in 2015

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