XXI. Ball Tango Argentino
29th sep 2018 - Festival Wuppertal
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orchestras, DJ´s, performer & teacher
Orchestra BELTANGO (SRB)
Ivana Nicolic (SRB) voice
Pablo Cámpora (UYG) guitar / special guest

Daniela Kizyma & Pablo Velez (ARG)
Eugenia Eberhardt & Sebastián Posadas (ARG)
Cécile Rouanne & Rémi Esterle (FRA)
Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside (ARG) special guests

Jens-Ingo Brodesser (BEL) Dj clásica
Isabella & Iwan "e-longa" (DEU) Vj & Dj "Tango Flavour Lounge"

photo: Beltango

Aleksandar Nikolic Bandoneon
Ivana Nikolic Piano/Vocal
Antonija Barna Violin
Bogdan Pejic Guitar
Ljubinko Lazic Double bass
Orchester BELTANGO
Ivana Nicolic (canto)

5 Weltklassemusiker. Ihre Lebensläufe lesen sich wie das "who is who" der zeitgenössischen Klassik-Welt. Es sind Solisten und Professoren der anerkanntesten Sinfonie-orchester und Konservatorien. Was sie vereint ist die Musik und die Herkunft vom Balkan. Neben der Karriere in der Klassik zelebrieren sie mit BELTANGO ihre Passion, - den Tango.

BELTANGO begeiterte auf vielen Tangofestivals den Genießer mit Stuhl genauso wie die Tänzer auf der Fläche. Technisch brilliant und dabei immer süffig, leidenschaftlich, von sanft bis ins rauh und machmal mit einem Hauch Balkan-Beat.


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Foto: Pablo Cámpora
Pablo Cámpora (guitar)

special guest

photo: Jens-Ingo Brodesser
DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser (clásica)

classic Tango DJ with years of international milonga experience. He knows to combine musical knowledge with emotions. Jens-Ingo creates the most beautyful dancing moments

See more on Jens-Ingo´s informative website:


photo: Isabella & Iwan
Dj & Vj Isabella & Iwan "e-longa"

Isabella & Iwan bring their fantastic e-longa-concept to Wuppertal. Electro-, neo- & experimental Music connected to Tango, dedicated to our legs and hearts.

As producer and composer for film music, Iwan Harlan is also producing contemporary Tango music.

At the "Tango Flavour lounge", the second dancefloor in a second room.



photo: Fuentes Fernandez
Daniela Kizyma & Pablo Velez

... they caress themselves in their shows with a passion for dance and each other. Our eyes and tango souls will be pampered. Their lissomeness and their elegance is natural.

The special quality of their dance lies in the precision of their movements. This is also their concern at the workshops. The workshops are well constructed, so even the most difficult step combinations and perfect footwork will be shown. As experienced teachers, Daniela & Pablo give their material straightforward.

Workshop language: English (alternative: span)

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Daniela & Pablo at facebook

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Foto: Eugenia & Sebastián

Eugenia Eberhardt & Sebastián Posadas (ARG)

... are downright dancers. Their style is classic, energetic and creative. Despite all dramatic show highlights their intimate connection lights anytime.

Their very special love is teaching. In their workshops, Eugenia & Sebastián will bring us closer to a natural, personal moving. A beautiful movement always feels good. Technical basics are equally represented as material from their long stage show experience.

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Eugenia & Sebastián in internet

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Foto: Cécile & Rémi

Cécile Rouanne & Rémi Esterle (FRA)

... an internationally successful Tango-Couple. 2014: "Champions de France de tango salón". In France they are the official ambassadors of the Sunderland club in Buenos Aires.

Cécile and Remi's dance, intensive and dramatic, oscillating between seductive sweetness and harsh submission - the fatal struggle for a perhaps unattainable balance.

Rémi Esterle's origin is contemporary dance, but he also works as stage-performer and artist. Cécile Rouanne has a comprehensive education in classic and modern dance, among other things she absolved intensive training in Armenian dance during her residence in Paris and New York. Since seven years she is a professional dancer.

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Foto: Valeria Maside & Anibal Lautaro

Valeria Maside & Anibal Lautaro (ARG)

... are invited by Café Ada, the oldest milonga in Wuppertal, to dance a show and to give one workshop at the Tango Festival Wuppertal.

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