XXIII. Ball Tango Argentino
24th sep 2022 - Festival Wuppertal
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Can I go as single to the the ballnight ?
Can I come to the ball even if I do not dance ?
What is the benefit to have a place at the gallery ?
What is the benefit to have a place at the parquet ?
What should I wear ? Is there a dress code ?
Could i come to the box-office, even if no seat is available anymore ?
Is in my seat-reservation the "dancecard" or the dancing included ?
Must I order a ticket for the late entrance (from 22:30h on) previously ?
Till when have i to pay the full price ?
Is the dancefloor big enough for these many dancers ?
How is the dancefloor ?
Are food and drinks for free ?
Will I be served on the gallery by a waitor ?
Could I get even at 01:00 h something to eat ?
When will the appearance of the Tango Showdancers be ?
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