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19:30 / 78 €

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Singles table

Alone for New Year's Eve? Yes, of course!

Table No. 13 is the "Buenos Aires Table" and meeting place for dancers.

we do not have a partner hotel this year, because the prices are the cheapest booked directly with the hotel, so without intermediaries. We have found that this includes hotel search engines too.

The following hotels are sorted by distance from the Stadthalle:
Vienna House Easy
Hotel Astor
Arcade Hotel
Holiday Inn Express
Flemings Express Hotel
Premier Inn
Postboutique Hotel
City Partner Central Hotel

Cheap apartments (with kitchen without breakfast) directly opposite the Stadthalle at
Dates of the future

23 Sep 2023
- XXIV. Ball Tango Argentino
31 Dec 2023
- New Year´s Eve at "Rossini"

21 Sep 2024
- XXV. Ball Tango Argentino
31 Dec 2024
- New Year´s Eve at "Rossini"

20 Sep 2025
- XXVI. Ball Tango Argentino
31 Dec 2025
- New Year´s Eve at "Rossini"

presented by:

Diana Del Valle & Juan Camerlingo at the Rossini 2011
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Ball night
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