XXIV. Ball Tango Argentino
Sat, 23 Sep 2023
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Market & Culinaria

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Market in the foyer

23 Sep 2022 from 18:30 h

Tango fashion, tango shoes, information and art related to Tango Argentino in the foyer of the Ball Night.

Access to the market in the foyer is free of charge and between 18:30 and 20:30 is possible even without a ticket to the ball night.
Paloma´s shoes & fashion

.... make you beautiful and happy!

Bettina Maria - Modas de Tango
Buenos Aires - San Francisco - Berlin

Isabella´s Art - Fashion
Dance of colors, shapes and textures - fashion uniques not only for a milonga.


gs-move stands for exclusive, unique tango fashion for men and women.

Everything is made without exception from high-quality materials, lovingly in one-off production in Willich on the Lower Rhine.

Mi Pasion shoes

"Paso de Fuego" handmade unique pieces and custom designs on request.

Atelier Para Mujer

Tango dresses, tango skirts, pants, culottes, tops, tunics, hipsters and accessories as well as Dance shoes, handmade, elegant and comfortable.

Tango Danza

The tango magazine. In the "Expo in the Foyer" of the ball night, the team of "Danza" will have CDs, DVDs, books and information.


With buffet and service: "Culinaria" the gastronomy of the Historische Stadthalle.


With service of your personal waitress at the table

Large bottle of water seltzer 0,75l / 6 €
Carafe of wine (0,2) from 6 €
Glass of sparkling wine 5 €
Cup of coffee 2 €

for self-service / plate sale for one-time service

Large plate 20 €
Small plate 14 €

Green bean salad with bean sprouts
Spicy vegetable and potato salad with peanut sauce
Bulgur salad with shrimps, spring onions and cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Satay chicken vegetable salad
Baked calamari rings with chili sauce
Eggplant "Szetschuan" with hot pepper oil
Pasta salad with chorizos and shrimps in coriander vinaigrette
Salad of young pointed cabbage with pineapple and peanuts
Marinated beef platter with rice vinegar sesame vinaigrette
Chickpea salad with fragrant rice and curry
Various marinated and braised Anti Pasti
with dips and freshly baked baguette

Main course
Mediterranean corn chicken with pickled tomatoes and olives
Spicy lamb curry with yogurt
Chicken involtini with coconut-ginger stuffing in spicy curry sauce
Beef "Stroganoff" with beetroot and crème fraîche

Side dishes
Lemon potatoes, knöpfle, colorful tagliatelle, basmati rice, gnocchi

Colorful carrot vegetables with chervil butter, bacon beans,
spinach vegetables with pine nuts, stir-fried vegetables

Trofie pasta with green asparagus, melted tomatoes, red pesto and shaved ricotta salata

Valrohna chocolate panna cotta with marinated fruit and mint salad
Tiramisu of raspberry with baked spelt stick
7,50 €

Extra from ca.0:00 h
Pretzels Euro 1,50
Muesli and chocolate bar Euro 1,00
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Hist. Stadthalle - Tango Flavour Lounge - photo: Iwan Harlan

Poster 2009 with Belen Giachello & Diego "El Pajaro" Riemer ... video

Poster 2006 with Moira Castellano & Pablo Inza
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