XXIV. Ball Tango Argentino
Hist. Stadthalle Wuppertal / Germany
Sat, 23 Sep 2023
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Elvira Lambo & Michael "El Gato" Nadtochi
Eva Laura Madar & Santiago Giachello

We are joined by teachers with teaching experience from around the world.
A workshop is an opportunity to re-understand what is familiar
and to incorporate the unknown into your personal style.
Have fun multiplying the possibilities!

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Elvira & Michael
Eva Laura & Santiago
14:00 15:15
EM1 -Milonga
basic structures of Milonga
15:30 16:45
EM2 -Barrida
timing and sequences with Barridas
17:00 18:15
EM3 -Gancho und Enganche
enganches in giros
14:00 15:15
EM4 -Milonga
organised improvisation
ES1 -Vals
fluency, turns and phrases
15:30 16:45
EM5 -Boleo
with and without pivot point
ES2 -Conexión profunda
the deep connection
17:00 18:15
EM6 -Entradas vs. Sacadas
speed and reversal movement
ES3 -Improvisación & facilidad
improvisation, crativity, lightness

Photo: gatostangos
Elvira Lambo & Michael "El Gato" Nadtochi

Michael is the founder of the "Argentine Tango Academy of New York & New Jersey" and the creator of the concept "The Art of Tango". Michael: "Tango is more than just a dance, it is a very personal art form. A crucial aspect, is the process of self-discovery. In the workshop we work together a bit on this exciting path".

Elvira, trained in traditional and Indonesian dance, has been a passionate tango dancer for many years. Sovereign style with the courage for lascivious slowness.

Video Video www.theartoftango.club
Photo: www.santiagogiachello.com Eva Laura Madar & Santiago Giachello

With 30 years of experience in Argentine tango, Eva Laura and Santiago transmit this culture, which is an essential part of their roots.

Video Video

EM1 Milonga basic structures. The simple approach to the "Traspie". B-C
Milonga / rhythmic variation of the Tango, - playful, swinging, just to
to have fun. Traspié / step doublings. Playing with the rhythm.
EM2 Barrida. Weight distribution, timing and possible sequences. C-E
Barrida / foot shift. With the barrida, the partner's leg is moved to another position.
A nice gimmick where the usual "lead" can be suspended.
EM3 Gancho and Enganche. Enganches. Circular movement, enganches in giros C-E
Gancho / leg hook. The playing leg swings around a leg of the partner and hooks it.
Enganche / wrap of the lower leg around the partner's leg.
EM4 Milonga. Phrasing and layers of musicality. Organized improvisation C-D
Milonga / rhythmic variation of the tango, - playful, swinging, simply to have fun.
EM5 Boleo with and without pivot. The linear structure combined with circular movements B-D
Boleo / loose or also whip-like movement of the lower leg, triggered by
a reversal of the direction of movement.
EM6 Entradas vs Sacadas. Leading and following. Control of speed and reversal movement C-E
Entrada / entering the partner's step.
Sacada / taking the place of the partner with apparent displacement
ES1 Vals: the different rhythmic cells, fluidity, turning movements, musical phrases B-D
ES2 The deep connection, the breath in the embrace, the density in the movement C-E
ES3 Improvisation, creativity and lightness C-D

Photo: Michael Nadtochi gatostangos
Prices - p.person Examples
30 € erste Workshop
27 € second
24 € each more
2 WS
3 WS
4 WS
57 €
81 €
105 € ...

Combi titcket
2 WS incl. Ball ... see reservation
combi I 110 €
Kombi I extra 96 €
combi II 90 €
combi III 80 €

A = absolute beginne
B = advanced beginner
C = mid level
D = high level
E = master

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Tel 0049 202 30 58 57

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Conditions (AGB)
Registrations are only possible in pairs. Of course you can also participate in workshops without registration (drop in), as long as the workshop is not fully booked. See the marking in the table (red = fully booked).

The participant limit of min. 5 couples and max. 14 couples per workshop will not be under- or exceeded. The organizers and promoters assume no liability for wardrobe, property damage or personal injury. In order to guarantee the best possible atmosphere in which to work in a concentrated and undisturbed manner, spectating is not possible for non-participants. Photos and video recordings are only allowed after consultation with the instructors or workshop supervisors. Absolutely no smoking in the course rooms. Subject to change without notice
... see full Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

Have fun dancing!
Dance partner
search and find

Currently looking for workshops:

- 10 years intensive tango experience
- tall, 2 years intensive tango experience
Gentleman - musician, 5 years int. tango exp.
- intensive dance experience
Lady - several years of dancing experience
Lady - dance experience, 1 year of it with tango

For contact, just write us. We will send the lady the contact to the gentleman.

Are you still looking for a dance partner for the ball or workshops? Write to me, I will be happy to mediate.


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Michael Nadtochi Photo: gatostangos
Private lessons

private lessons with our guest teachers

- as a couple with both teachers
- as a single person with both teachers
- as a single person with only one teacher

on request

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Doña Piedra & Ricardo „El Holandés“
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Anmeldebedingungen & Infos: info@tangoarte.de

Themen sind: Umarmung – Musikalität – Eleganz – Bewusstsein uvm …

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